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the inaugural coin of



So, finally the tædivm coin has become reality!

A small coin. 25mm diameter, antiqued copper-nickel-zinc, plain edge, holed.

That’s all.


A coin full of compromises to the technical & practical side of minting.

In my opinion only worthy of a pitiful half-a-yawn, a mere ½ Gaap (pronounced with a soft G, similar to the CH of Loch Ness or Chaim).


The obverse:

A stylised moon in the background, with the value superimposed; the moon symbolising circularity, emptiness, lunacy. The triangles on the left symbolise the dials of the clock stopped at 9, when freedom ends and the tædivm of the workday commences. 

The reverse:

Symbolising a clock with the dials set at "nine to five”. The quote on the coin: "the hours of folly are measured by a clock".




The hole:

Symbolising emptiness, the essence of being in an ultimate state of tædivm... but also giving those who would wish it an opening to all that's beyond tædivm.

Final mintage figures:


pre release trials:

3x brass (antiqued)

3x aluminium (antiqued)

1x copper (.064” thick flan, antiqued)

1x copper-nickel-zinc (.064” thick flan, antiqued)

3x silver .999 (antiqued, unholed)


regular issues:

51x copper-nickel-zinc (antiqued)

21x copper (antiqued)

20x silver .999 (prooflike, unholed)


Sets (mintages included above):

10x USNS Special Sets (signed, numbered), with one of each type of the regular issues.

2x regular sets with one of each type of the regular issues.

2x presentation sets with copper & copper-nickel zinc coins only.


The coins were minted by Pressed Metal Products in Canada.






The tædivm coins are no longer available via this site.




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